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A Universal Sound. Ft. Tim Thorpe - EP41

Updated: May 20, 2020

On the forty-first episode we have Tim Thorpe, who is the founder of an online publication called ‘The Local Frequency’. Tim a young man from Melbourne, he developed the platform for up and coming local artists from Melbourne, but his idea is now spreading throughout the rest of Victoria and Australia. Tim has his master’s in journalism and birthed his publication from an assignment he had to complete for university. Where the goal was to write up about something, he was passionate about. This created a simple goal and allowed him to write about all the good music from Melbourne’s hip hop scene. Fast-forward a few years, Now the Local Frequency provides features, premiers and exclusive interviews with artists in Australia. The publications purpose is to provide a platform to showcase Australian hip-hop, while pushing culture to redefine what Australian hip-hop is.