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Being African In Australia Is Hard. ft. Manny Lado - EP11

On the eleventh episode we have Manny Lado. Manny is a chill guy who enjoys making music, he is best known for his work as a rapper, he also produces Hip-Hop, RNB and Trap. Manny deferred from his studies on his journey of becoming a lawyer to go all in on his dream of making it as a musician. Manny is a Sudanese man and grew up with his 4 sisters and mother. In this episode we discuss the difference between New Zealand and Australia, racist experiences, rappers using the N word, depression, the on-going situation in Sudan between North Vs South Sudan, how different life is for an 18 year old white youth and an 18 year old sudanese youth, lastly the troubles Indigenous Australian's still face today and realities of working hard.