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Brotherhood. Ft. Get Shorty Barber Shop - EP33

Updated: May 18, 2020

On the thirty-third episode we have the Get Shorty Barbershop team! Get Shorty is a little barbershop that does their own thing and creates their own vibe. Both of these things the shop does very well! Located in central Geelong, 81 Little Malop St.

The team is built up of three highly talented men; Mikey who is the owner of the barbershop, moved down from Melbourne to pursue his barbering dreams! He is accompanied by his two right hand men JD (James) and Jake who have earned their place establishing themselves as professional barbers! The team shares the brotherhood vision that Mikey wanted to establish! Which created the shops philosophy ‘each one, teach one’.

The Get shorty barbershop crew share their journey on how they established the shop and how they maintain a strong brotherhood connection: The crew start us off by explaining what the ‘Get Shorty Barbershop’ is about and what they stand for, they share with us importance of brotherhood and how to maintain it, the team also shares their insight on how they define what being a man means, the lads also share their individual stories on how they got into barbering, they explain the difficulties of working within a toxic work environment, why as a shop their collective focus is on creating a safe space for men, the team also shares how there is more to being a barbering than people think like providing accidental counselling, Finally, the team shares their shop’s philosophy ‘Each one, Teach one’ and how skateboarding is a metaphor for life!

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