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Chapter 2. Ft. LT21HUNDRED and boom - EP38

Updated: May 20, 2020

On the thirty-eighth episode we have Liam King, the man behind the camera also known as LT21HUNDRED and Vince Ballesteros aka Boom. Today marks the start of chapter 2, almost a year has passed since we have started filming Different Kind Of Genius and we thought it would only be right to review our process and let everybody know what we are about to do next!

Thing’s will look a bit different now we have moved into ‘Don’t Poke The Bear’ since we are no longer able to record at the previous space. But the opportunities it has presented us with are going to make dkOG so much better and we cannot wait! Thank you to everyone that supported us through the first chapter! We would not be here without your support! Love from the dkOG team xo.

We discuss:

How life has changed for boom over the last 12 months, Why Liam is the Ying to Dre’s Yang. We also break down the purpose of Different Kind of Genius, Dre also reflects on the past 12 months. We break down how we ended up at Don’t Poke the Bear studios! The crew reviews their 3 favourite episodes of dkOG, we speak about Grown man ish and finally we set our goals for dkOG for the next 12 months.

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