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Culture Sets Trends. Ft. Hamish Hamilton - EP35

Updated: May 18, 2020

On the thirty-fifth episode we have Hamish Hamilton. Born and bred in Ararat, Hamish has now moved to Ballarat and has been living there for the past 2 years. Living with his partner who he has just recently engaged too and his young daughter. Hamish is a Tattooist, that focus primarily on traditional tattooing. He co-owns a tattoo parlour called ‘Main Hitters’ which he operates out of, located in central Ballarat.

Hamish takes us through his journey of becoming a Tattooist; Hamish shares with us his belief of letting the tattoo artist take full control of the tattoo to ensure you get the best work they can do, he goes on and runs us through his experience of meeting his idol or as he calls him the Lebron James of tattoos. Hamish elaborates on the history of tattooing, then he explains his philosophy on there being no rules to tattoos. Hamish explains the process of how culture sets the trends we have today and he also shares his experiences of why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet.

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