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Deal With It Now Or Deal With It Later. Ft. TL - EP27

On the twenty-seventh episode we have TL Mach, TL is Geelong’s best amateur boxer for his weight division. Only 19 years old, he is current national champion and 4x time state champion! TL’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. He didn’t get their fast, it definitely was not easy and he took his time. My heart aches for the young man, what he has had to deal with is enough to send any man insane.. However, he leaves you no room for you to pity him. TL is a hustler! anything he wants, he makes sure he puts the work in. Leaving no room for any opponent to even come close to out working him or taking what TL believes is his!

TL was forced to grow up quickly and he shares with us his experience; TL explains the importance of hustling! How if you want to get into something why you really need to commit in order for it to work, he explains how you can learn from any experience, runs us through that in boxing it is the smartest person who wins, learning how to protect himself, TL breaks down his crazy work ethic, how he is brave enough to fight anyone just for the experience, his ability to now fulfil his purpose, acknowledging how far he has come and how those hard times have shaped the man he has become today, learning how to be an adult at the age of 16, why jail is not cool, how your past will come back to bite you, the difficulties of being raised by parents who migrated to Australia with nothing, the issues that come from being a product of a negative environment and finally the importance of dealing with serious issues now rather than later!