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Detachment. Ft. Jake Putan - EP40

Updated: May 20, 2020

On the fortieth episode we have Jake Putan. Jake is a young man from Sydney who is a professional barber and an out of the box thinker. However, these days he only chooses to cut hair sometimes, which makes sense considering he started cutting hair at the age of 16. Jake has embarked on a new journey where he has stepped away from following trends and has started questioning himself as to what he was really doing with his life. This has led to Jake travelling the world as a barber in a hope to find and create more meaningful connections. In doing so Jake has discovered that his biggest passion is emerging himself in culture and learning from others, which has brought him all the way to Geelong for a short period of time and we were lucky enough to have him come and share his story.

Jake shares with us everything he has discovered so far; Jake starts us off with how he was able to find his purpose and through utilising breath work he was able to overcome some of his life struggles. Jake shares with us the importance of fulfilling your heart and not your pocket. Jake goes on to tells us about why he quit his job in a search of freedom. He explains how you give what you get, and you get what you give. Finally, Jake tells us how he was able to master the art of rest.

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