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Fortune Favours The Brave. Ft. Eleji - EP31

On the thirty-first episode we have Eleji aka Alex Danger. Eleji is a full time rapper and hip-hoper. Alex founded his very own independent record label called Hien Mytee Enterainment, which consist of a team around 12 people and has 7 artists. Eleji has been forced to deal with what some would consider a hard life for someone who is only 25 years old. He has already battled with cancer, got hit by a car which resulted in a broken neck and has gone on tour with the Funkoars. Eleji believes he is very fortunate and acknowledges that he is able to live out his dream because of the amount of work he puts in and has even received that same acknowledgement from some of Australia’s established rappers like Hilltop Hoods and 360!

Eleji enlightens us with his journey through life; Eleji shares with us his transition from Arks MC to Eleji, his battle with cancer as a 2 year old, having to deal with the difficulty of being told you are never going to walk again, being forced to be the bigger man, he shares with us the role and importance of a manager, takes us through his journey of flying around Australia supporting the Funkoars on tour, Eleji shares his insights on how the eyes are on Australia and why it is our time to shine, what life would be like if music didn’t exist, why you should be thankful for the people that support you and finally how fortune favours the brave!

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