• Dre

Good Karma, Bad Karma. ft. Jark - EP24

On the twenty-fourth episode we have Jark, also referred to as Just a regular kid. Jark’s time management and work ethic is incredible, his normal life involves him working as a tradesman by day making windows and doors commercially. When the night-time strikes, he is a rapper/emcee/artist and once every few months he promotes for the company he co-owns called ‘Wavriders’, who host events that are paving the way for Geelong’s emerging hip-hop scene. Jark takes us on his adventure sharing with us his journey through life; On how Mac Miller helped to inspire his name, people being afraid to give constructive criticism, how he finds the inspiration that allows him to create one song once a week, Jark explains what life was like when it felt like nothing went his way, He shines awareness on the fact that when you stop doing bad things that is when the negative karma will kick in, why some people have to learn the hard way, the importance of celebrating little wins, dealing with the negative stigma toward Australian hip-hop, why you shouldn’t let other people influence your creativity