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Highest of highs, Lowest of lows. Ft. Jack Jenkins - EP32

On the thirty-second episode we have Jack Jenkins, more commonly known as PharJack. Jack is one the homies! He is one of the toughest people I know! Born and bred in the small country town called Bacchus Marsh, which he refers to as ‘Gods Country’. The Marsh Is a place where the water tastes a bit different and breads some head strong individuals! Which has led to the development of is PharJack!

Jack is a professional MMA fighter who has had 7 professional fights in the HEX fight series. He currently fights in the featherweight division. Jack has been pro for almost 4 years now. But Jacks has been fighting forever and has been practicing kickboxing at high level for almost 10 years now.

Jack gives us a snapshot into the world of MMA; Explaining how MMA helped to develop his problem solving skills, he also shares with us how he get involved in MMA fighting, he enlightens us on the importance of having a mentor, the journey of starting at the bottom which is the pathway toward making it to the top, he also shares with us his experiences of the difficult thought process before competing in a professional MMA fight, the emotional rollercoaster that’s involved in the MMA experience and lastly, he informs us on how dangerous MMA fighting can be and shares with us a different perspective that mainstream media does not show us!

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