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Hoodlumz. Ft. Kameron Hood - EP39

Updated: May 20, 2020

On the thirty-ninth episode we have Kameron Hood, also known as GrimRefar. Kameron first and foremost is a father to three young children. Kameron is the creator of Hoodlumz which is an Australian film that is scheduled to be released in December and will be available on Netflix, Stan and for viewing in local cinemas. His role in the film is to produce, direct and also to act in the movie. The movie is a true story based on his Kameron’s life, the movie focuses on the struggles that he has been through and how he overcame them. Kameron hopes to inspire those going through similar struggles and wants to help provide hope for those who are struggling. He believes if you allow enough time the bad things happening will eventually turn around. However that’s not all, Kameron is also a rapper that goes by the name of GrimRefear, he currently also has an album on the way and is the founder of MBC Records and MDmedia. Unfortunately, Kameron has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in his brain and spine. He is not letting this stop him though from striving to achieving everything he wants too!

Kameron shares with us his incredible journey; Kameron starts us off with how he wrote the movie Hoodlumz and how he was able to start a career as an actor. Kameron also shares with us the time he spent in jail and other unfortunate life events that he has had to overcome. Kameron explains what life is like after being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. He elaborates on how rapping helps his mental health and shares with us one of his positive coping mechanisms and how they can be used a substitute for self-harm.

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