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I Can Do This Myself. ft. QsShoes - EP22

On the twenty-second episode we have QsShoes (James Quinlan). QsShoes also known as Q, has been a sneaker head since early 2012 and has been fortunate enough to transform his passion into a side hustle! Q is renowned for his work on shoes, he has the ability to customise shoes, clean shoes, restore shoes and is serious when it comes to the quality control of the shoes he works on. The man does everything and anything that is related to a pair of shoes! Q is a wizard with time management, he is able to maintain a 9-5 job working as a landscaper, while finding time to do his shoe customisations and run a clothing brand called ‘The Penny Race’ with his partner and best friend. Q runs us through his journey of life; How you can do anything to a pair of shoes, how he started creating custom shoes, why quality is more important than quantity, he explains that the more work you put in the better you become, the risk people take starting a clothing brand, why putting in hard work is the only way to get things done, Q also presents a S