• Dre

I Owe Myself Better. ft. D The Artist - EP23

On the twenty-third episode we have D The Artist, also known as D. People have assumed a man like D does minimal, but that is not the truth. D works as a painter, does music however, he does not like being called a rapper, so he considers himself a hip-hop head that does hip hop. D also enjoys being creative, practicing Buddhism and is trying to remain sober because he now considers himself as an ex-drug addict, all while dealing with the scars of incarceration. D takes us on his journey through life; Why he no longer does drugs, D also explains why he does not like the term rapper, Ice and the realities of it, Ritalin being a gate way drug, copping with borderline personality disorder, dealing with insignificant factors that lead to a bigger issue, why every punch has a consequence, burning through all the money he has saved in 2 court hearings, the poker face needed for jail, being tested emotionally and physically, trying to be the best version of yourself in jail, being scared of going to jail and then being too scared to leave, the i