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Just Trying To Have A Good Time. Ft. Poet - EP25

 *Language Warning* Some of the language used in this episode is intended for mature audiences, listeners advised.   On the twenty-fifth episode we have Poet. Poet is one of the United Kingdom’s biggest free-lancers, who arguably could be considered the voice of U.K. I was fortunate enough to get into contact with Poet and who not long after agreed to doing an episode of Different Kind Of Genius. This is a special episode, because this time we have had to do things a little bit differently. As Poet is from the other side of the world (United Kingdom) we had to do his episode of the podcast via webcam. This took us a little while to figure out how to make this possible, however the dkOG team figured it out and we present to you Poet. Poet literally does the most, he is a co-host of one of U.Ks biggest podcasts the ‘Halfcast Podcast’ which features Chukie Online, also a co-host of one of the U.K biggest shows ‘Gasworks’ featuring Alhan Gençay, Poet also started a podcast called the ‘Poet and Vuj Podcast’ which includes him and one of his best friends David Vujanic, He is involved heavily with ‘FilthyFellas and is also a member of the rap group called ‘Vibbar’ and the list doesn’t end here. Poet takes us through his journey of becoming one of the most influential voices in the U.K; Poet explains why re-inventing yourself is very important, he shares with us what he considers to be the saddest part about social media, gives us insight on how he dealt with cancel culture, why it is important to regret nothing, he also explains why it is good for people to show they care, what no-rules stands for, gives an education lesson on how to make money, the importance of understanding what your community wants and why you shouldn’t take Panadol for another mans headache!

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