• Dre

Keep That Same Energy. Ft. Brandon Stone - EP20

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

On the twentieth episode we have Brandon Stone. Brandon is an open book that keeps to himself and does creative-ish. Brandon’s most commonly known for his work as a rapper from Melbourne. Born in Ireland, he moved here when he was one year old. Ever since then Brandon has a had a heavy focus on lyrics with bar heavy flows. Brandon considers himself a regular dude that does not want to feel boxed in, which has lead him to starting to pursue other areas of life like fashion. Brandon somehow manages to find time working in a warehouse casually to help make ends meet while trying to fund his future dreams and goals. Brandon takes us through his journey; How everything is about timing, why criticism is worth more than compliments, dealing with receiving hate, receiving a drama queen award, the moment Brandon found his love for music, explains why writing is the foundation of every hip-ho