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Keeping Geelong Weird. Ft. Joshua Maxwell de Hoog - EP26

On the twenty-sixth episode we have Joshua Maxwell de Hoog. Josh in my opinion is one of Geelong’s most influential creatives. Josh is an interesting one, he does few and many things. Josh’s main focus is running an art space called ‘Analogue Academy’ in Geelong’s CBD, the space has been running for 5 years now. Its Primary function is it operates as a film lab, that runs multiple events like exhibitions, spoken word nights, poetry, live music, talks and is the hub for the majority of Geelong’s creative gatherings. As well as being a central hub for creative people to have conversations and get help with any photography related queries. Josh’s time management is incredible while juggling the responsibilities of Analogue Academy he is a member of the band called ‘Final Final’ and still pursues his main passion drawing, creating his own art.

Josh takes us on his journey through life; On how he committed to the life of Photography, why he decided to start his own business for employment, he goes on and explains the importance of expression, breaks down how there are two ways to deal with failure, explains the concept creating or consuming, why it is important to support local creatives, how he was able to positively connect with the Geelong community, shares his experiences with being cyber bullied and coping strategies. Lastly, Josh explains how he plans to achieve his main goal of Keeping Geelong Weird!

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