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My Dream ft. Tiara - EP17

On the seventeenth episode we have Tiara Ridwan. Tiara is best known for her music, she is a singer/song writer from Geelong. Who has just started to really establish herself and her music career. Tiara considers her genre of music to be alternative RNB because she doesn’t want to remain boxed in. Tiara takes us through her creative process when writing music and how her first EP ‘Heat of the Night’ was a collection of her personal experiences, an exciting time but also a daunting one as she releases her personal diary into the world! Tiara shares with us the time she got hate mail, the importance of music videos with projects, the point where she went all in on music, her process of getting on stage and transforming into a performer, how she established confidence with in herself. Lastly, how there are no rules to live by, do whatever you love, power of the universe and following your dreams!