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Inspire The Uninspired. Ft. Q - EP44

On the forty-fourth episode we have Quentin Walker, more commonly known as Q. Q has moved from America to Australia in pursuit of his basketball career. He now works as in real estate as a land developer and on his brand 'Walk With Me' where the purpose is to inspire the uninspired.  We discuss: The lessons people teach you, How private school sets you up to function in life properly, Missing the homies, How we thought our purpose was to be an athlete, Q tells the story of how his brother was killed by a police officer, We then discuss Racism in Australia and finally the importance of being a leader. 

The purpose of dkOG is to inspire others and celebrate people living their purpose by following their passions. Dropping weekly, with a whole bunch of dkOG's. Big shout out to Griffin Burger, The Streets Barbershop, Dont Poke The Bear and Idle Hands for sponsoring dkOG.

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