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Stand Tall, Walk Forward. Ft. Chris Bradford aka AK47 - EP29

On the twenty-ninth episode we have Chris Bradford, also known as The AK47. Chris lives an interesting life. A life that everybody looks at on paper and thinks that would be a dope lifestyle, but in reality it is a tough life. Chris fights for a living and also owns his own gym ‘Top Tier Fitness’. Where the focus is on teaching self-defence, encouragement and self-esteem to anybody willing to improve themselves. Chris is the WBKF World Muay Thai champion, 2x Cage champion, has gold medals in Jiu Jitsu, and an Australian Heavyweight Karate champion. His resume stretches across 40 professional fights and 22 amateur fights. He was able to achieve all of this by the age of 42, where he doesn’t let age stop him as he is still fighting! Chris’s fighting career has taken him to over 14 different countries where he has made a name for himself.

On that journey Chris has experienced many highs and lows which he takes us through; Chris explains why you should never be afraid to dream, the power of the mind, the mindset that helps you get through tough times, how he was fortunate enough to have combat sports as a positive way to release stress etc, the importance of being the bigger man, how all the tools to cope are out there you just need to find the right one for you, the power of visualisation for success, the importance of education from life experience and the ability to recompose yourself which is the key to standing tall and walk forward!

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