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Stop People Pleasing. Ft. Libby Leissner - EP30

On the thirty episode we have Libby Leissner. Libby is an upcoming singer/song writer from Geelong. In between her busy schedule of practicing music, having to work, performing at gigs and shows. Libby has been putting in even more work, preparing to drop her highly anticipated Album  in 2020. Libby started off by playing instruments and writing poetry which was the starting point in developing her music career. A massive motivator for Libby’s music career, was meeting her idol Taylor Swift! Which sparked the drive to pursue her dreams and clarified what she actually wants to achieve, to live the life her idol does!

Libby takes us through her experience of following her dreams; Libby explains the importance of why you need to be comfortable when recording music, she shares her experience of meeting her idol Taylor Swift and how it has helped as a motivator for her music career, she explains why not putting a time limit on her creative process allows for better production overall, the dark side of social media; how addictive social media can be and how to cope once affected, why it is important to also focus on the business side of things as well as doing music, being the teacher’s pet, the feeling of regret as Libby wishes she had more fun during her school experience instead of people pleasing!

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