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Sweet Potato Fries. Ft. Sam Griffin - EP19

On the nineteenth episode we have Sam Griffin. Sam does the most, he would be classified as an entrepreneur. Sam 27, lives in Ballarat with his wife and two year old son. Firstly, he owns a dance school called 'Soul Studio' that he and his wife run. Secondly, Sam has just launched a clothing brand with two close friends called 'Electic Decade' which celebrates the 10 year relationship that him and his friends share. Lastly, Sam owns a restaurant called 'Griffin Burger'. Griffin burger is established as a family business but Sam is the brains behind the whole operation, they currently have 2 stores and are looking to expand with their third. He takes us through his story; Sam has performed on Australia's got talent making the semi-finals, featured on so you think you can dance and also tested his luck with Australian idol. He shares with us his time in the circus and how much it sucked, learning about business through diving into the deep end, the insights into his genius social media marketing strategies, calling out high profile individuals, his time as Captain Beaver with the beaver shakers, B-boy politics, how to start a small business, juggling life with family and multiple businesses, reality of being a business owner, parents lying about their kids, how this is the busiest time period in his life but it has been the most relaxed he has ever felt and how sweet potato fries are really a trash food. Believe me, he doesn't stop there!

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