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The Devils Game ft. Zac Galloway - EP18

On the eighteenth episode we have Zac Galloway. Zac does a few different things, he is currently working as a legal assistant about to become a tax lawyer. Zac is better known for his podcast "Running From Comfort" where he interviews guests living purpose driven lives. Zac's journey is an interesting one, he was born and raising in Hobart and moved to Melbourne in 2017 to pursue a career of becoming a lawyer. Seemed like the perfect plan until 2 weeks after moving to Melbourne he was fired from his new job. That didn't stop him though he was able to bounce back onto his feet and start pursing his other dreams and passions. Zac states that success means going through all the bull-ish life throws at you and growing refers to not being stuck in a comfort zone and constantly challenging and learning from new experiences. He doesn't stop there he continues by sharing his whole story; About how everybody in life is either a lesson or a blessing, the power of story telling, thought's becoming things, not feeding negativity, the age of opportunity, testing ideas, why you should stop judging yourself