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The Importance Of Hustle. Ft. 3Point.Kicks - EP36

Updated: May 18, 2020

On the thirty-sixth episode we have Davey Hawk, more commonly known as 3Point.Kicks! Davey is only 13 years old and has established his own reselling business. Davey specialises in re-selling limited edition shoes, clothes and accessories. A re-seller is someone who buys things for retail prices and sells them for a profit. His business started just as a way for him to fund his sneaker addiction and it has now evolved into so much more. Which means he heavily involved in reselling communities and is team leader of one of Australia’s biggest sneaker head discord communities. However, this is not Davey’s First business. He has been running multiple business since grade 4 where he started off selling basketball cards. Then in year 7 he started selling candy at his high school. All of this has led to the development of his own re-selling business.

Davey runs us through the importance of hustling; Davey explains to us how he was able to discover his passion for streetwear. He goes on and shares his experience of spending the night in a carpark to buy a limited pair of Jordan’s. Davey’s educates us on the politics that are involved in reselling. He also blesses us with a small show and tell sharing with us some of his rare finds. Finally Davey teaches us on how to avoid dealing with scammers when it comes to buy things online.

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