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The Power Of Why. Ft. Leigh Winsor - EP37

Updated: May 20, 2020

On the thirty-seventh episode we have Leigh Winsor, more commonly known as The Barbell Barber! Leigh loves to cut hair and has doing so for 14 years. He started as soon as left school at the age of 15. Leigh has come all the way from the United Kingdom! He now lives in Geelong, working in Colac 2 days a week and down in the CBD of Melbourne at the Area Studio 4 days a week.

Leigh fell into barbering; it was something he never saw himself doing and it was his Dad who suggested he does it. Following the advice from his dad who said “Do you want to go to Uni and owe money? Or do you want to go out and earn money?”. 14 year’s later off the strength of what his dad said, Leigh has now just been awarded the Australian Barber of the year for 2019.

Leigh takes us through his journey from being a small-time barber in the UK to Australia’s barber of the year for 2019: Leigh starts off by explaining how he transitioned from school to a hairdressing apprenticeship, he then breaks down why he continues to work as barber after 14 years. Leigh runs us through the difference between Barbershop Barbers and Instagram Barbers. Leigh then discusses the importance of why he is trying to get rid of assumptions. The conversation continues and leads us to the power of asking why? and why it is important to also redefine your why. Leigh then shares his experience of how he was able to win Australia’s Barber of the year for 2019! Finally, we have a conversation about why we should never be afraid to show our true feelings.

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