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Trust Your Guts. ft. Jac Poole - EP16

On the sixteenth episode we have Jaclyn Poole. Jac is an Illustrator, designer, printer, creator, free lancer and works in animation. Jac has been directly involved in "The Flamin' Thongs" an Australian animated series on ABC and most recently "The Strange Chores" which has just finished production and coming soon! While working as the design coordinator on these projects Jac somehow managed to find the time to also run and produce the clothing brand 'Idle Hands Print Co'. Jac takes us on their journey through the process involved in creating an animated tv series, how they create/design/animate characters and what the process looks like in the lengthy production period required for an animated TV series. Jac also explains how they found their job on Instagram, Robot Army, everybody owning a t-shirt company, being a band for 7 years, losing their lead singer to a horrific accident and overcoming the grief through the passion Jac had for drawing and supportive friends! How learning is a huge portion of life and how it keeps people young. Lastly, how trusting your guts is the key to moving forward through life!

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