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Turning A Negative Into A Positive. ft. Martyn Dunn - EP21

On the twenty-first episode we have Martyn Dunn. Three and a half years ago, Martyn was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. That resulted in him becoming a paraplegic suffering a T12 spinal cord injury. Martyn still has the ability to move his legs, just not his feet. Unfortunately, that’s not all. There are 101 problems when you have a spinal cord injury such as bowel problems, sexual dysfunction and the list goes on. Martyn was a carpenter before his accident and never imagined himself in his current situation. He never saw himself travelling the world numerous times, representing his country doing something he loves. Since his accident, Martyn has been fortunate enough to find his love for tennis once again. Now he currently represents Australia playing wheelchair tennis with his goal of achieving the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Martyn takes us on his journey; Losing his ability to control his lower half, three months in hospital spending 2 weeks in the intensive care unit, hitting a wall at 160km on a motor bike, turning a negative into a positive, the last thing he remembers, learning how to be a paraplegic, that there is always someone worse off than you, how we are fortunate to be living in Australia, difficulties of everyday life, the dangers of opioids, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), feeling like a burden, re-finding purpose, how life is a cup full of stress, how the Paralympics works and the difficulties of travelling the world in a wheelchair.

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