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We Not Me ft. Nasir "The Streets Barber" Sobhani - EP15

On the fifteenth episode we have Nasir "Streets Barber" Sobhani. Nasir Sobhani better known as the "Streets Barber" for his craft of being of service to the people. Born in the Phillipines, raised in Canda was able to find his way all the way to Geelong to fulfil his dreams as a professional Barber. Nas is loyal to the people and provides a safe place for men at his new barbershop "The Streets Barbershop". Where he and his team are positive role models for the community in Geelong. He shares his journey on how he found his love for reggae music, unfortunateness of the private prison system, working in Harlem, Seeking to understand rather than to be understood, the art of conversation, life on drugs, emotions coming in waves, cutting hair is his new drug only way to maintain being sober for seven years, an eye for an eye, feeling defeate